WB Finance Installs Big Parasols for Commuters in Phnom Penh

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WB Finance Installs Big Parasols for Commuters in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh 25 August 2020 – With good wills in contributing to the public services of the local Cambodia’s communities and encourage the commuters, WB Finance has installed big parasols in the traffic light cross conjunctions and along some of the main streets in Phnom Penh City, Cambodia. The 3-meter wide parasols are built with strong metal frame and firm foundations, which provide good shades during the day and coverage during the rainy season.

“Installing big parasols along Phnom Penh’s streets is one of our good wills in giving back to the Cambodia’s Communities, encouraging pedestrians and reduce the vehicles usage on the streets in order to help cut down air pollutions in the city. We sincerely appreciate Phnom Penh City Hall for advices and the strong supports in this project.” Said Mr. Kim Sun Kyu, CEO of WB Finance

Facilitating the convenient community through our corporate social responsibility (CSR) is our key focus. Recently, WB Finance has conducted a number of social activities including blood donation, hospital supplies, sponsorship to fight against COVID-19, and book donation to schools in rural areas. Installing big parasols along main streets is one of our crucial CSR activities, and we are looking forwards to installing more parasols to provide such facility in different areas across town.

WB Finance is one of the largest microfinance deposit-taking institutions in Cambodia operating in 25 cities and provinces through 136 branches nationwide. It is wholly owned by Woori Bank, one of the top banks in South Korea. WB Finance has a long history in serving Cambodian communities for more than 20 years with its wide range of financial products and services such as deposit, loan, domestic and international fund transfer, mobile banking, bill payment, and ATM. As of July 2020, total Asset of US$ 628.19 Million, total loan portfolio of US$ 525.16 Million and savings balance of US$ 95.50M were presented.

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