This loan is used for strengthening agricultural community development capabilities or similar communities by providing funds for those who need the capital and those who want to expend their business.


 Currency  USD
 Loan Size  USD 3,000 – 25,000
 Loan Term  06 – 60 Months
 Monthly Interest Rate  From 1.15% to 1.50%
 Payment Mode  Based on client’s business cash flow
 Lending   Methodologies  Individual Loan
Currency USD
Loan Size 3,000 USD  25,000 USD
 Loan Term 6 Months – 36 Months
Monthly Interest Rate  1.45% – 1.80%
Payment Model Based on client’s business cash flow
Methodologies Individual
  • Have a legal business or income generating activities which show  sustainability and trend of potential growth
  • Be able to provide collateralized assets to assure the loan worth at least 200% of the total loan amount either soft title or hard title deed.
  • Must have a loan borrowing representative
  • AC/Association is able to show adequate repayment coverage ratio
  • All board members have to acknowledge on loan borrowing as co-borrower
  • Acknowledgement or recommendation is required from WVC for all AC which are under support of WVC, and from related supporter/NGO for other AC/association
  • AC/association must be established at least one (1) year and have at least one business income generation excluded lending business (cash credit to own member)

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