An express loan is to give a prompt response to client when encountering a financial crisis caused by an emergency or unexpected event like a natural disaster or personal incident.


 Currency  KHR USD THB
 Loan Size KHR 400,000 – 2,400,000

USD 100 – 600

THB 4,000 – 24,000

 Loan Term  03 – 09 Months
 Monthly Interest Rate  1.50%
 Payment Mode  Based on client’s business cash flow
 Lending   Methodologies  Group Loan or Individual Loan
Currency KHR, USD, THB
Loan Size · KHR 80,000  KHR 12,000,000
· USD 351  USD 20,000
· THB 800  THB 100,000
Loan Term 3 – 6 months
Monthly Interest Rate 2.00%
Payment Model Based on client’s business cash flow
Lending Methodologies Community Based Solidarity Group, Solidarity Group,or Individual
  • Access to financial education provided by WB Finance’s staff
  • Opportunity to be selected as best client which will grant scholarship for his/her kid until finishing high school diploma.
  • Be entitled to annual lucky draw.
  • Be entitled to Safety Net Program for loan written off in case of client’s death
  • Cambodian,
  • Aged between 18-65 years old
  • Good character and sound credit background
  • At least has one year residence address
  • Consent from spouse or household members to access the loan
  • Repayment coverage ratio of at least 1.3

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