Ms. Sok Srey Pov | Livestock Owner

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Ms. Sok Srey Pov | Livestock Owner

“My first loan from WB Finance helped me start up my livestock, my second loan helped renovate my wooden house, and my third loan helped increase the number of livestock in my farm. Just a couple of my cows can earn me between KHR13 million to KHR14 million (USD2,350 – 3,500) per year. Could you guess how many cows do I have now, regardless my hundreds of chickens?” She confidently admitted.

A 36-year-old hardworking woman, Ms. Sok Srey Pov and her 36-year-old husband, Mr. Meun Mon, who live in Damnak Ampil village, Damnak Ampil commune, Angksnoul district, Kandal province has an 11-year-old daughter, who is studying at grade 6.

Ms. Srey Pov, whose job in a laboratory of a medical company, has sought of sources to increase family’s income for better living conditions. Therefore, she and her husband have decided to apply for the first loan at WB Finance to start livestock farming – Raising cows and chickens for the local market supplies. She started with the first loan of USD2,000 from WB Finance to buy three cows and several chickens. Her husband has decided to quit his job as a factory worker and focused on the business.

“My average family income before loans was approximately KHR30,000 (USD7.50) per day, but now my average daily income is at least KHR60,000 (USD15), and we own 3 motorbikes now” Said Ms. Prey Pov

The successful first loan enabled Ms. Srey Pov to request the second loan of USD3,000 to improve her house. As a result, she has a nice comfortable wooden house for the family. Then, in 2019, she decided to request the third loan of USD6,000 to enlarge the space of cages for more cows​ and chickens. Currently, she has 13 cows and hundreds of chickens, which provide her family with a good income and a healthy living condition, while she still works and earns from her job in the medical company as normal.

Srey Pov and her husband are delighted for the better lives of their families. She thanks WB Finance for giving them the opportunities and gateway to this success.

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