Ms. Sarom Sophorn | Phone Shop Owner & Beautician

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Ms. Sarom Sophorn | Phone Shop Owner & Beautician

“Loans from WB Finance not only help increase my business productivity but also build prestige to my family. Now my neighbors look at me as a successful business owner, and I myself also share that sort of feeling.” She excitedly declared.

In Mukh Kampol district, Kandal province lives a new remarkably successful business owner through 2 loan cycles from WB Finance. Ms. Sarom Sophorn, 38 years old and Mr. Run Chhayly, her 31-year-old husband,  own a cosmetic shop and a phone shop. They have a 9-year-old daughter who is studying at grade 4 in the local primary school.

Before loans from WB Finance, her cosmetic stuff and her phone cabinets were crowded together in her 20 -square-meter hut with a zinc roof. The businesses were not eye-catching to customers. Her husband could only sell 1 or 2 phones per day.

Realizing this, she and her husband were thinking of improving their ragged hut and the businesses. Right then, WB Finance’s staff has approached and introduced them to the home improvement loan and business loan with affordable repayment methods and reasonable interest rate. She, without any hesitation, requested for the first loan of USD30,000 in 2019 to build a new house. Then, they requested another USD9,000 in 2020 to stock more phones and provide installment options to clients when they buy the phone.

“Now, I have a nice 65 -square-meter concrete house, while our businesses are really eye-catching to all people passing by. My husband can sell from 5 to 8 phones per day, Which is exceeding the sales target (when sales target is exceeded, we earn extra USD4.00 per phone from the phone company on top of the total profit we made)” Said Ms. Sophorn

She feels overwhelming with her business’s growth, and she expresses great gratitude to WB Finance for the positive loan impacts on her businesses and living standard.

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