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To help communities break out of the cycle of proverty, loans are the key to ultimately changing their lives and the lives of their children. Smart loans allow families to grow their businesses and show initiative, as well as empower their entrepreneurial spirit.

Thank you to our supporters and specially to our depositors who save money with WB Finance. Your generosity enables us to offer life-changing financial services to people living in proverty.

Your money is loaned to the neediest individuals who are struggling financially in businesses or dealing with emergencies caused by natural disasters or accidents, or those who need capital to jumpstart enterprise or farming. On average, we give US $321 loan per client. The loans may seem small, but they surprisingly make a big impact to the lives of families and their communities.

To more efficiently meet the needs of communities, we have created different types of loan products. Using these products, we are better able to unlock business potential and to continue to provide financial solutions.

Loans help to make a big change by creating more jobs in these poor communities. Additionally, they are empowering more women than ever to take part in initiatives and community enterprises, with 93% of our clients being women.

Click Here to see success stories testified by our clients who receive positive impacts from your money.

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