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“Without WB Finance’s Scholarship, I cannot continue my college in Phnom Penh.” said Mithona.

Mithona, 18 years old, is now a first-year student majoring in Banking at Mekong University, Phnom Penh. Mithona is from Kandal province. He grew up in poor family with six siblings. Mithona told us that his older sisters quit school to work in factory to support themselves and family. For Mithona, WB Finance’s scholarship is very important because this is the only chance he has to continue his higher education: otherwise he would end up working in factory too.



Lai Seam has always had motivation to start up her day as early as her mother does, not to work, but to have her slf-study time, which usually takes place on a wooden table made by her father, and to finish her day with her self-study at night time again with light from the oiHamp.

“I am thrilled to know that WB Finance granted me scholarship to support my schooling for three years. My parents don’t need to pay for my school materials and I could now save up for other materials.” says Lai Seam with a big smile.



Sothea, aged 11, did not experience the full joy of childhood. His family was struggling financially because of his father’s continual sickness. “Now, I have nice school materials, a new school uniform every year, some money to save, and especially I have a new bicycle. I am happy that I have received scholarship from WB Finance.” says Sothea.



“I am delighted to receive scholarship from WB Finance for my education; this will push me to study harder, and I am sure that I will have access to higher education.” said Tola.

Mao Tola, a son of WB Finance’s Best Client in Kompong Thom Province, has been selected to be WB Finance’s scholar, getting sponsored in his education until Grade 12.

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